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01. IntroductionMOMENTS
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It has been said that the Audiobook of MOMENTS takes Gary’s stories to another level, inviting you along with every moment. Gary's reading adds color and vitality, bringing to life the various characters of his past and present as his moments unfold. His interpretation of his mother's and sisters’ voices alone is worth the price of admission. You can hear the humor in Gary's voice when he delivers his mother's concern about her young 14-year-old son working at a Gentlemen's club, his determination as he lands his band, Bitter Sweet Alley’s first gig, and his sadness of losing a friend to AIDS.


In his book, MOMENTS: Detroit Musicman, Gary takes you on a 5-hour journey of trials, tribulations, and celebrations that will make you laugh while sprinkling in a little of life's unforeseen sorrows. Gary’s love of faith, family, and friends is interweaved throughout his journey.

You will NOT be disappointed after listening to this book.

FREE 30-day trial. Keep the book even if you cancel

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